College Admissions Competition – Janet Lavin Rapelye, Dean of Princeton admissions

Colleges admissions competition has escalated over the past few decades. Katie Couric speaks with Janet Lavin Rapelye, Dean of Admissions at Princeton and former Dean of Admissions at Wellesley College about college admissions. She suggests that students start the application process early. She also encourages students and parents spread a “wide net” when applying to college. This way, students have a choice rather than giving the colleges the power to make the choices for them. To that end, parents must not push their children in one direction or another depending on what the parent considers most exclusive.


Miss Rapelye states that the biggest mistake she sees on college applications is student NOT PROOFREADING. Typos and spelling errors abound, and likely land applications in the “no” pile.
According to the Dean, a college education is more relevant now than it ever was: it teaches students to think critically, write and speak articulately and in general evolve into productive citizens who will soon take over leadership positions around the world.
In terms of financial aid, students should remain undaunted when seeking financial support from colleges. Most college websites now have a significant portion of the site devoted to finances and students must remain on top of the deadlines and stay well informed; those who do will find that college can be affordable.